E X P E C T A T I O N S!

Hey there. It’s been a while since I was last active here. I wanted to write about something to which I can totally relate, something which I can truly understand, something I can totally feel and see in others. Because I want to keep this platform as my dear diary and want to put my thoughts here because sometimes the things which makes sense to you doesn’t make sense to others. So today I chose to talk about those expectations which you have in your heart but you cannot express or maybe those expectations were so badly broken by ppl out there (or that specific someone) that you were never able to talk about it to anyone.

(P.S This is not gender specific)

We’ve always came across this phrase that ” Don’t get too attached to someone because false expectations can mentally destroy you!”

Ok. I’ve a question here. Does those expectations which you started keeping were because you started acting like a kid and started expecting from someone while that person was constantly pushing you away or is this because that person (or those people) was actually the one who opened the gates to his life for you and let you in, made you feel so special, made you feel y o u a r e s o m e t h i n g and later decides to close that door and leave you completely clueless?

This is very humane of us to keep expectations. It is as true and natural as Newton’s laws of motion and Einstein’s theory of gravity!
This is something you’ve no control of.
We, humans are never flawless. Each one of us is beautifully flawed. But considering your emotions as your flaw, or worthless is as bad as this quarantine period.( No pun intended). Emotions defines the inside of the person, defines the purity of his heart, why consider it as your flaw or weakness?

You often get attached to people or with someone you’ve no idea of. You’re scared to lose them because you think if you lose them, you’ll lose yourself, your spark, your energy, your positive vibes and honestly it drains the positive energy out of you day after day. So you start making compromises. You start giving them chances. You start playing with your self respect, your self worth. You start putting them above all just so they’ll notice, just so they’ll reciprocate the love, the energy. But at the end, you see them drifting away, miles and miles away from you. When you try to sort things out, they blame you to be emotionally unstable or weak. They blame you for being too annoying or immature.
Still you’re just one text away. One text from them and woah! you’re high af. (Poor you?!)

You start having crazy insomniac nights. You find yourself crying your heart out over someone who’s peacefully chilling in his life.
You’re screaming inside but are not heard.

That’s the high time to realize your self worth. To realize who you really are and a high time to stop making those lil scenarios in your mind which are not gonna happen and face the reality. A high time to gear up yourself and stop keeping expectations. What you can do to cope with this situation is:

1) Distance yourself from those people.
2) If you can’t, then start by not being available for them 24/7.
3) Meditate.
4) You’ve to be over them. You can. Trust me you can.

And we’ve always heard ‘ What goes around, comes around. ‘

I can’t put in words how true this sentence is. It’ll take time. Maybe much more than you think. But definitely the time taken would be worth it. 💕

Over n out. @zoonyspeaks.


As a first post of this blog, I’d like to discuss about the ongoing issue faced by Pakistan nowadays which I guess everyone must have an idea or have heard about it and that is “AURAT MARCH”.

This march was to be conducted for the rights of the women. Honestly it was a great initiative taken and could prove to be a very effective one if it was conducted in its real meaning.

This movement was to symbolize the basic rights which a common woman is lacking either at her home, her work place, her educational institutes or whatever place she has her essence in.

I’ve seen in my own locality that women are deprived of so many things which are even so petty to be discussed. But when these petty things amalgamates, it forms into a huge bulk.
So the problem lies in those littlest things which are faced by a common woman on daily basis which if she discusses with anyone, she’s told to just compromise or just ignore that because SHE’S A WOMAN. She’s a woman so she can compromise. She’s a woman so definitely she should me more forgiving and mature enough to put aside her fragile emotional side(for which she’s known) and save her home no matter how much brutalities she’s facing. Honestly this is such a huge and a sensitive topic that can take pages and still wouldn’t end.

I would like to quote few situations which are faced by a girl from her early childhood to a 50 to 60 year mature lady – a mother of grown up kids.

A girl of 4 to 6 years who was asked to share her toys with her brothers while her brothers on the other side not doing the same.

A 10 years old girl who was given the old books and old toys and bicycle of her elder brother and even old clothes to put on while her brothers getting everything new.

A 14 to 16 years old girl who is told to start acting mature all at once, and not to indulge much in outdoor activities and games because she’s passing from a very sensitive age and allowing her to stay outside during this period will make her a woman of ill repute!

A 18 to 20 yr old girl who faces character assassination by her fam, her friends, the ppl around her because of a random nigga who ditched her and destroyed her physically and emotionally.

A 22 to 24 year old girl leaving behind her career and marrying a person of her parents choice and crying her heart out on that bed and that tear stained pillow that never got tired of her as she sunk her face in it for the last time.

A 26 to 30 year old wife facing societal pressure and is called with names and facing domestic violence for not having children for 2 years.
A woman who has been asked multiple times even in her first six months of marriage that when is she conceiving? When is she planning a baby? Where is the good news? While not knowing the adverse effects it may have on the mental state of that girl and constantly putting her in a state which she has no control of.

A 35 to 50 year old woman who has been facing emotional abuse by her husband and her children and threats of divorce during the slightest inconvenience between her and her husband.
Threats to divorce is the worst thing a man can give to his wife who has given him years of love, respect and care and only a weak and mentally unstable man can do this thing.

I’ve seen husbands ridiculing their wives in front of everyone for not being able to cook well, for not being a good looking woman and also her in laws ridiculing her and asking her husband during family gatherings for the second marriage for the sake of a JOKE. That’s not funny. Nobody is laughing. That’s just another example of the most insensitive thing you can do to a person.
While if the wife does the same and jokes about getting married to another person , that fragile men ego gets hurt and that woman is slut shamed!

That Aurat March was to be conducted to put light on issues like these.
The slogan ‘Mera jism Meri Marzi’ should be used for voicing for women who have suffered from forced pregnancies, child abuse, domestic abuse, emotional abuse, pedophilia, child labour and not so that you can roam around naked on streets!

Unfortunately the real goal of this campaign was put aside and such shameful placards were made and handed over to pseudo liberals of our society who have made this march a very controversial one and the irony is that the voices of the suppressed segment are still unheard!


Hey there lovelies!

This is Zoony here, a brown girl who likes writing about stuff she feels, she observes.
My time line will be filled with random stuff and the topics I love to write about.
Here on this platform, I’ll be putting forward my opinions and thoughts about different things and would love to see you guys interacting. 💕
Over n out. xx