E X P E C T A T I O N S!

Hey there. It’s been a while since I was last active here. I wanted to write about something to which I can totally relate, something which I can truly understand, something I can totally feel and see in others. Because I want to keep this platform as my dear diary and want to put my thoughts here because sometimes the things which makes sense to you doesn’t make sense to others. So today I chose to talk about those expectations which you have in your heart but you cannot express or maybe those expectations were so badly broken by ppl out there (or that specific someone) that you were never able to talk about it to anyone.

(P.S This is not gender specific)

We’ve always came across this phrase that ” Don’t get too attached to someone because false expectations can mentally destroy you!”

Ok. I’ve a question here. Does those expectations which you started keeping were because you started acting like a kid and started expecting from someone while that person was constantly pushing you away or is this because that person (or those people) was actually the one who opened the gates to his life for you and let you in, made you feel so special, made you feel y o u a r e s o m e t h i n g and later decides to close that door and leave you completely clueless?

This is very humane of us to keep expectations. It is as true and natural as Newton’s laws of motion and Einstein’s theory of gravity!
This is something you’ve no control of.
We, humans are never flawless. Each one of us is beautifully flawed. But considering your emotions as your flaw, or worthless is as bad as this quarantine period.( No pun intended). Emotions defines the inside of the person, defines the purity of his heart, why consider it as your flaw or weakness?

You often get attached to people or with someone you’ve no idea of. You’re scared to lose them because you think if you lose them, you’ll lose yourself, your spark, your energy, your positive vibes and honestly it drains the positive energy out of you day after day. So you start making compromises. You start giving them chances. You start playing with your self respect, your self worth. You start putting them above all just so they’ll notice, just so they’ll reciprocate the love, the energy. But at the end, you see them drifting away, miles and miles away from you. When you try to sort things out, they blame you to be emotionally unstable or weak. They blame you for being too annoying or immature.
Still you’re just one text away. One text from them and woah! you’re high af. (Poor you?!)

You start having crazy insomniac nights. You find yourself crying your heart out over someone who’s peacefully chilling in his life.
You’re screaming inside but are not heard.

That’s the high time to realize your self worth. To realize who you really are and a high time to stop making those lil scenarios in your mind which are not gonna happen and face the reality. A high time to gear up yourself and stop keeping expectations. What you can do to cope with this situation is:

1) Distance yourself from those people.
2) If you can’t, then start by not being available for them 24/7.
3) Meditate.
4) You’ve to be over them. You can. Trust me you can.

And we’ve always heard ‘ What goes around, comes around. ‘

I can’t put in words how true this sentence is. It’ll take time. Maybe much more than you think. But definitely the time taken would be worth it. 💕

Over n out. @zoonyspeaks.

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